The ASAP CRA Course™ from The CRA Coach

Every team performs better with a coach.


ASAP CRA Course™ Quick Facts:

The ASAP CRA Course™ reduces your CRA labor costs by approx. 15% by instantly increasing the productivity of your CRAs by 15-20%. It does this by providing your CRAs with a streamlined, holistic system to manage all CRA tasks. Included in the training are several generic tools and templates that complete the training package. 

With the current travel restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic

...this is the ideal time to use your CRAs' down-time to ensure your CRO emerges with a more productive and robust Clinical Operations team.

ASAP CRA Course™ Content:

This 8-hour eLearning course includes numerous tools and templates as well as a detailed course manual, all ready for the CRA to download and implement immediately. The course covers the following topics and ties them all into a holistic CRA task management system:


• CRA Self-management (Email, calendar and time management)

• All-In-One Tool for preparation, conduct and report writing of monitoring visits

Time-saving site binder review process and required tools

Site Management Dashboard tool for CRAs

• CRA Task-tracking tool, increasing precision of task/time entries

• Outlook and Excel functionalities vital to the CRA role

Communication psychology

• Simple techniques to increase mental focus and reduce stress


Reports of individual CRAs' training progress are provided to your CRO weekly.

System Requirements & Compliance:

• CRA access to Microsoft® Outlook®, Word® and Excel®

• CRA access to assigned sites' contact information


The ASAP CRA Course™ works for any CRA meeting the above requirements. It is fully compliant with your CRO's Work Instructions and SOPs, as the generic tools provided in the course are modified by your CRAs during their implementation, to ensure 100% compliance with all applicable SOPs, work instructions, trip report requirements, protocols and monitoring plans. 

How The ASAP CRA Course™ Improves Operational Efficiency of your CRO’s Clinical Operations Team:

  • Reduces CRA labor costs by 15% - 20% by immediately increasing CRA productivity

  • Provides your CRO with a competitive advantage at bid defenses by decreasing Clinical Operations costs 

  • Enables your Junior CRAs to immediately perform at the level of more Senior CRAs

  • Increases quality of all CRA deliverables by providing an immediately actionable simple, holistic workflow that covers all CRA tasks

  • Integrates seamlessly into your CRO's existing CRA training program

  • Faster CRAs decrease time-to-market for your sponsor clients

  • Ensures actual audit-readiness across all sites monitored by your CRO, at all times

  • Minimizes risk of audit and inspection findings, saving costs and elevating your CRO's reputation

  • Reduction in volume of required re-monitoring 

  • Enhances your CRO’s image, attracting top talent to your CRO

  • Decreased CRA staff turnover, achieved by providing techniques aimed at improving CRA work-life balance and reducing stress

  • Decreased expenses for recruiting and hiring new CRAs due to reduced CRA turnover

  • Ensures study timelines are met or that expectations are exceeded by your CRAs

  • Ensures that your CRAs are positive spokespeople for your CRO when facing PIs, sites, vendors and clients

  • More detailed operational insights available to your CRO due to increased precision of CRA task/time entries


Calculate Your CROs Reduction in CRA Labor Costs by Increasing CRA Productivity by 15%: