Frequently Asked Questions:

What does the ASAP CRA Course™ Provide?

The ASAP CRA Course™ makes managing the wide array of CRA tasks As Simple As Possible.


This revolutionary course provides CRAs with a 360 degree system that shows you how to cover all of your tasks easily. You'll learn how to prepare perfectly for IMVs in just 45 minutes or less, consistently, how to perform 100% site binder reviews using the amazing, time-saving "reverse monitoring" technique, how to use a system at every site visit that reduces your stress towards the end of a busy visit, how to stay on top of all of your tasks, to the things that you really need to know about Outlook and Excel to boost efficiency. It covers techniques that accelerate your career by using simple techniques to increase your mental focus and help you easily build great relationships with sites, internal study teams as well as your managers and provides you with simple ways to stay relaxed in this fast-paced environment.


You receive immediate access to the 8-hour eLearning course that includes all the tools and templates required to be a stress-free top performing CRA. You just plug in the information from your studies and you are ready to go. Also included is the very detailed course manual, so you can relax and follow along during the course without having to worry about writing along, to memorize details.


You will find that the entire course content is refreshingly simple to understand. Everything is highly intuitive and easy to immediately implement.


Is This Course A Traditional CRA Training ?


The ASAP CRA Course™ is for CRAs who want to take their performance to the next level and learn how to do it easily. It provides a holistic system for managing all of your CRA tasks. It does not teach the basics such as ICH/GCP, SDV/SDR, etc. If you are looking for a training in the fundamentals of clinical research and becoming a CRA, then this program is not for you. If you are looking for a training to become a CRA, I highly recommend The CRA Academy, owned and managed by a true veteran of the clinical research world, Dan Sfera:

The CRA Academy accepts 15 students per quarter and offers successful students the priceless opportunity of an internship, allowing you to gain first hands-on experience. This is the best deal out there, to learn the fundamentals of clinical research and to add practical experience to your CV, to launch your CRA career. 

Afterwards, The ASAP CRA Course™ is the perfect training for you to immediately and easily excel on this challenging career path.