Frequently Asked Questions:

What does the ASAP CRA Course look like and what can I expect?

The ASAP CRA Course makes managing all of your CRA tasks As Simple As Possible!

The course is an 8 hour on-demand eLearning course, including all the tools and templates required to be a stress-free CRA. It also includes the 60-page course manual, so you can follow along during the course without having to worry about writing along.


The course content is refreshingly simple to understand. CRAs expect a training to be filled with complicated terminology and whatnot. Not in this course.

Can you teach me everything I need to know to be a CRA?

Unfortunately, no. If you are looking for a training in the very basics of becoming a CRA, then this program is not for you. There are several great CRA training programs available (e.g. that you will want to look into.