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How It Works:

Within 24hrs of signing up for the Affiliate Program you will receive an email, asking you to set up your password to your affiliate account and providing you with your personal affiliate link that you can use to direct traffic to the ASAP CRA Course™ site. You will be credited for 50% of any purchases that are made by any user who accesses the site through your affiliate link. 



Summary of key requirements for a new user to be associated with you as an affiliate:


  • The first time a visitor accesses the ASAP CRA Course™ site must be through your affiliate link.
  • If it is the first time a visitor has accessed the ASAP CRA Course™ site and it is through your affiliate link, a cookie will be dropped that will last for 30 days.
  • The visitor must sign up for an account within 30 days in the same browser that the cookie originally dropped to be associated with you as the affiliate.
  • The visitor does not need to make a purchase right away. If they simply sign up for an account, they will still be associated with you as the affiliate for future purchases.
  • The affiliate cookie lasts for 30 days and is not overwritten or renewed if the visitor accesses the site through another affiliate link within that 30 days. The cookie expiration date will remain the same.
  • If the cookie has expired and the visitor returns to the site using your affiliate link, a new cookie will be dropped. For example, if a student visits the site through your affiliate link and never signs up, then 31 days later, visits through the same affiliate link, a new cookie is dropped.
  • Payment of 50% of all purchases made by your referrals are made to your PayPal account 31 days following each purchase.

How Much Money Can You Make?

Short answer: The sky is the limit. It only depends on how many CRAs you know who want to be faster and better at what they do and want to join the stress-free CRAs who have completed the ASAP CRA Course™. 

You receive 50% of all purchases made by your referrals. The current ASAP CRA Course™ fee is $1,247.-, i.e. you receive $623.50 for each of your referrals who purchases the course. There is no cap on your number of referrals. Enrollment is competitive and there is no enrollment cap, so to speak. So, to answer the question, this is how much you can earn by helping CRAs you know learn how to be faster and better at what they do:


First referral:         $623.50

Second referral: $1,247.00

Third referral:     $1,870.50

Fourth referral:   $2,494.00


If you know someone who knows CRAs, please share this great opportunity with them!