Who Is The CRA Coach And How Will The ASAP CRA Course Help You?

I'm glad you asked! So, who am I and why can I turn you into a stress-free CRA in just 8 hours? I'm Daniel Regut and I've been working in the Clinical Research industry for over a decade, working for both CROs and sponsors. 



During this time I have worked as a CRA in Europe and the United States. To date I've been involved in over 90 clinical trials from phase I to IIIb, in over 70 indications. So yes, I've seen a lot. In addition to being an active CRA, I mentor CRAs at one of the top ten CROs and I am an instructor at www.TheCRAAcademy.com.



And I've gone through exactly what you are going through right now. You probably thought that the training you would receive when starting as a CRA would provide you with what you needed to actually be able to manage the job.



But even a great CRA training only provides you with the basics to get started: ICH/GCP, maybe some simulated Source Data Verification, definitions of dozens of clinical research terms and the review of countless SOPs, instructions and manuals. I'm sure this all sounds familiar to you.



Then it is up to you to develop your own approach to managing your numerous sites and protocols in accordance with everything you learned in those trainings. That is an exhausting and painfully long process of trial and error for every CRA.



I have made it my mission to put and end to that.



The good news for you is that with the ASAP (ASimple APossible) CRA Course there is no more need for you to go through that. I will show you the "magic" tricks of being a highly organized, top performing, stress-free CRA. 



How and why this is possible in just eight hours is best explained by thinking of a Rubik’s Cube as an analogy. The Cube has a total of 43,252,003,274,489,856,000 different possible configurations. Yet amazingly, this famous puzzle can always be completed in 20 moves or less. 



How can that be? For the same reason you can learn everything you need to know to be a stress-free CRA in just one day:



Although a Rubik's Cube appears unsolvable to the untrained eye, all you need to know is that certain color patterns are linked to certain moves. You make the right move when you find a certain pattern within one of the colors and that's the whole trick. The cube will "solve itself".



Your knowledge of those rules makes a problem that at first appears insanely complex, something you can literally sleepwalk through in record time with no energy invested at all.



The ASAP (As Simple As Possible) CRA Course will teach you just that for your work as a CRA. You will learn a system that works off of the underlying patterns of all studies and that will let you easily solve the complexity of being a CRA.  


Or your money back.