The ASAP CRA Course™ is revolutionizing the landscape of CRA trainings.

The CRA Coach, LLC and The ASAP CRA Course™ are improving quality in clinical research by directly impacting the quality of deliverables as well as the quality of life of Clinical Research Associates. 


Traditional CRA trainings provide the backbone of what Clinical Research Associates need to know: ICH/GCP, how to perform SDV/SDR, a company’s SOPs, etc. The ASAP CRA Course™ (As Simple As Possible) provides the essential meat to those bones. 


It provides CRAs with a simple, easy to understand, holistic system for the streamlined management of all CRA tasks: An email management system tailored to CRAs, a system for quickly and perfectly preparing for and conducting 100% complete monitoring visits, essential communication psychology, how to easily increase mental focus and how to easily manage numerous sites and protocols, how to achieve optimal time management, Excel and Outlook functionalities relevant to CRAs as well as steps towards CRAs' career advancement.