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The ASAP CRA Course™ is the only training for CRAs to demystify the complexity by providing you with a complete, streamlined system to manage all CRA tasks, including all required tools and templates.


This CRA's Feedback Says it All:


The ASAP CRA Course™ Teaches Every CRA



…put an end to multi-tasking FOREVER



…EASILY complete EVERY requirement during monitoring visits



…QUICKLY perform 100% accurate site binder reviews



…remain on top of EVERYTHING, ALWAYS



…create TOP QUALITY trip reports 



…be 15-20% more PRODUCTIVE

(i.e. every 10 hour day is now an 8 hour day)


...and the course teaches


The ASAP CRA Course™ is absolutely for you  if...

...you're a CRA Manager and you want to instantly increase the productivity of your CRA team by 15-20% and at the same time increases the quality of your team's deliverables.

...you're a CRA and you feel overwhelmed by the demands of the job. This course puts an end to that.

...you are a CRC and you want to become a CRA. This course provides you with the understanding and the answers for your job interview that no other CRC will have.

Why Will The  ASAP CRA Course™ Help YOU?

Because starting as a Clinical Research Associate is overwhelming for every CRA.


And it can stay that way for many years. The ASAP CRA Course™ (As Simple As Possible) shows CRAs how to manage all of their tasks easily. It completely removes the stress from being a CRA, once and for all,  by providing a complete system, the tools and the techniques that absolutely transform the experience of being a CRA. 


The program provides CRAs with absolutely everything they need: An easy to follow 8 hour eLearning course, a course manual with all the systems and techniques for them to use during their implementation, all the tools and templates, as well as the step-by-step instructions for him or her to use immediately. They just plug in the information from their trials and they are ready to go.


CRAs can either slowly gain experience over may years and improve slowly, step by step using trial and error, or they can be on top of everything and stress-free starting right now by simply learning what works.


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